Our Vision for the UK

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading technology companies and a beacon of excellence for research, AI and innovation. For decades, Cambridge has been the breeding ground for the UK’s world-class technology companies and talent.

NVIDIA intends to fulfill its vision of creating the leading computing company for the age of AI here in Cambridge – propelling Arm and the UK to global AI leadership.

NVIDIA is committed to creating the leading computing company for the age of AI here in Cambridge.

Our ambitions in the UK

Drive Arm’s growth:

Devoting NVIDIA’s resources and expertise to accelerate Arm’s existing roadmaps for customers, partners and developers.

Expanding Arm’s R&D capacity and breaking into new areas with high growth potential.

Supporting Arm’s customers, growing the ecosystem and attracting developers.

Offering NVIDIA IP to Arm’s customers through Arm’s existing licensing channels.

Establish a new world-class AI research centre:

Home to a state-of-the-art supercomputer powered by Arm CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs, with NVIDIA networking.

Heart of NVIDIA’s European hub of collaboration with universities, industrial partners and start-ups.

At the iconic headquarters of Arm.

Establish the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute for Europe:

Training and attracting thousands more students on fundamental and applied AI.

Making our curriculum available throughout the UK.

Preparing the next generation of UK developers for AI leadership.

Continue to nurture the UK’s innovation ecosystem:

Opening the AI research facility for collaboration with UK industry leaders addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

Expanding research partners within the UK through research fellowships and partnerships via the AI research centre.

Helping UK start-ups grow through access to the Arm supercomputer, NVIDIA experts, technical training and marketing promotion.

“In addition to a spirit of invention, R&D requires three ingredients: great talent, the right technical tools, and significant investment. In Cambridge, you have the first in abundance: amazingly talented engineers. NVIDIA will provide the second ingredient. Core to our plan is constructing a world-leading AI research centre in Cambridge, powered by a combination of NVIDIA and Arm hardware. And we also intend to invest heavily to turn our vision into reality. Our intent is to grow Arm and its ecosystem dramatically.”

Jensen Huang
NVIDIA Founder and CEO – open letter to the Cambridge community
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NVIDIA is committed to creating a new world-class AI research center in Cambridge.

Building the UK’s fastest supercomputer

Cambridge-1 will enable top UK scientists and healthcare experts to use the powerful combination of AI and simulation to accelerate the digital biology revolution and bolster the country’s world-leading life sciences industry.

“Cambridge-1 will empower world-leading researchers in business and academia with the ability to perform their life’s work on the U.K.’s most powerful supercomputer, unlocking clues to disease and treatments at a scale and speed previously impossible in the U.K.,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “The discoveries developed on Cambridge-1 will take shape in the U.K., but the impact will be global, driving groundbreaking research that has the potential to benefit millions around the world.”

Jensen Huang
NVIDIA Founder and CEO


The Arm NVIDIA Deal Is Good for Everyone. Here’s Why
Arm Blueprint   July 2 2021

Arm CEO Simon Segars explains why the deal represents incredible opportunity for the UK, the company and anyone using Arm technology. He opines that combining with NVIDIA will give Arm the scale and the resources necessary to address the complexity of next-generation technology that no other path can, which represents the best future for Arm and to ensure that the UK stays at the forefront of the next 30 years of computing. Segars also notes that Arm and NVIDIA will expand opportunities for Arm’s customers and remain committed to Arm’s open-licensing business model.

NVIDIA is committed to supporting the UK’s economy and it’s technological potential.