Our Vision for Europe

Today more than ever, Europe is a thriving hub for innovation, filled with researchers, scientists, and engineers building the world of tomorrow – from edge computing to advanced healthcare.

With 2,400 R&D employees in the EMEA region spread across 16 different countries, NVIDIA has relationships with the European tech ecosystem that run deep. Through Arm, we will take these to the next level and become a driving force for the AI revolution in Europe. NVIDIA’s purchase of Arm allows us to invest deeper in Europe and make the region a major NVIDIA center of innovation.

“AI is the most powerful technological force in our lifetimes, automating intelligence and transforming every industry from agriculture to healthcare. Combining NVIDIA and Arm will elevate Europe as a major center of innovation for AI, bringing an infusion of research and development that creates world-class jobs and enormous opportunity.”

Jensen H. Huang
NVIDIA Founder and CEO

Our ambitions in Europe

Drive Arm’s growth by:

Devoting more NVIDIA resources and expertise to the acceleration of Arm’s existing work and partnerships with customers, researchers and developers.

Expanding Arm’s R&D capacity and breaking into new areas with high growth potential.

Supporting Arm’s customers by growing the ecosystem and attracting developers.

Offering NVIDIA IP to Arm’s customers through Arm’s existing licensing channels.

Support European digital sovereignty by:

Enabling European tech champions across a broad range of industries, by offering all Arm licensees world-class CPUs able to compete with today’s global leaders.

Driving the development of a local and open ecosystem for the AI era that can rival the closed x86 ecosystem.

Accelerating European innovation in key sectors such as AI and healthcare.

Expanding the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute in Europe to support the next generation of European developers in AI leadership.

Promote green innovation in Europe by:

Combining NVIDIA’s track record in green data centers and Arm’s power efficient architecture.

Accelerating IT decarbonization by investing in the development of energy efficient products.

Reducing the energy consumption of the digital sector through greener data centers.

Enabling businesses across industries to develop innovative products in line with the EU’s Green Deal objectives.

Bolstering Europe’s ambition to become a leader in supercomputing by:

Supporting Europe’s supercomputers – NVIDIA already powers five of the EuroHPC supercomputers, including Leonardo, the world’s fastest AI supercomputer.

Supporting the European Processor Initiative.

Driving European Innovation through the Inception Program

NVIDIA Inception is an acceleration platform for AI, data science and HPC startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.

Through Inception, NVIDIA supports the European tech ecosystem and helps European start-ups in countless fields bring innovative solutions that will improve the day-to-day lives of individuals across Europe.

Bilberry is a French startup focused on developing intelligent agriculture systems that can help both farmers and the environment.

Through the use of NVIDIA Jetson TX2, a powerful, low-energy consumption platform developed for embedded applications, Bilberry created an edge-based AI solution that enables accurate weed identification and the targeted application of herbicides. It enables farmers to save money and increase crop yields, while reducing the environmental footprint by limiting soil, water and air contamination.

REBOTNIX is a German company that develops solutions for the industrial sector, targeting the visual acquisition of data and its combination with input from other sources.

With NVIDIA’s tools and support, REBOTNIX was able to develop its Gustav product line, a complete solution of hardware, software like AI Model building, in-house labeling, training machines, and sensors. It provides a complete platform for customers that lets them build their data models economically, for example, allowing companies to run their own cost-effective data fleet.

arculus is a German firm that aims at transforming one-dimensional assembly lines into scalable, flexible assembly modules using AI-powered software and autonomous mobile robots.

These robots are powered by NVIDIA’s Jetson TX2 supercomputer-on-a-module for AI at the edge, enabling them to navigate independently between production stations — by processing video data in real time captured by their network of cameras, LIDAR, encoder — and IMU data.