Our Vision for China

China is a leader of innovation. The speed of digital innovation in China is increasing and China is playing a pivotal role in the development of the global technology ecosystem.

China is strategically important to NVIDIA. NVIDIA has committed itself to supporting China’s digital innovation since it entered the China market over 20 years ago. Our goal is to create a collaborative ecosystem that will provide companies in China with better solutions, bigger opportunities, and more choices at an even broader scale, to accelerate the country’s digital transformation, and advance innovation in China and beyond.

From its entry into the China market in 2002 and the establishment of the Arm China joint venture in 2018 to today, Arm has been a long-term supporter in driving the innovation and upgrade of China’s chip industry. With over 200 partners in China, Chinese customers using Arm technology have shipped approximately 20 billion chips, representing a near 200-fold growth over the past decade.

NVIDIA and Arm will together create the premier computing company for the age of AI, boosting the development of a vibrant and competitive Arm-based ecosystem in China and around the world.

Our commitment to China

Ensure a continuous open model:

Maintain Arm’s open licensing model, serving customers in any industry and across different regions, including those in China

Ensure consistent access to Arm technology, making it available to the whole marketplace, with more options

Retain Arm’s base in Cambridge with Arm IP continuing to be registered in the UK

Work with Arm China joint venture to provide Arm technology to customers throughout China

Continue to support China’s ecosystem:

Develop a compelling and viable alternative CPU architecture to x86 and others

Offer NVIDIA IP to Arm’s customers through Arm’s existing licensing channels and licensing model to grow Arm’s IP product portfolio

Grow the base of software available for China’s installed Arm-based systems, including software developed worldwide

Strengthen competitiveness of China’s homegrown chips at home and abroad

Maintain Arm’s commitment and vision to supporting partners in China:

Support Arm’s efforts to consistently drive the innovation of Chinese companies

Expand Arm’s R&D capacity to further empower the development and upgrade of China’s chip industry

Devote NVIDIA’s resources and expertise to accelerate Arm’s existing roadmap in China

Further invest in our team in China:

Invest in retaining and attracting talent for both NVIDIA and Arm’s operations

“Arm has created exceptional intellectual property and an extremely successful open licensing model. Put simply, NVIDIA is buying Arm because we love this model and the world class technology that underpins it. I can unequivocally state that NVIDIA will maintain Arm’s open licensing model. We have no intention to ‘throttle’ or ‘deny’ Arm’s supply to any customer.”

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA

China’s partner in innovation

NVIDIA has witnessed and participated in China’s digital transformation. Our technologies are widely used by customers in China to enable the next generation of data centers, autonomous machines, robots, industrial automation, healthcare, medical imaging, drug discovery, autonomous vehicles, and IoT. NVIDIA technologies enable businesses to become more innovative and efficient, contributing further to the sustainable development of AI in China from all perspectives of software, hardware, architecture and talent.

We are also focused on supporting start-ups to grow. NVIDIA Inception, NVIDIA’s support platform for start-up companies, has attracted almost 800 members in China, creating one of the most vibrant ecosystems in the world. This is an initiative that we greatly value and will continue driving and expanding as a significant amount of leading-edge work is coming out of start-ups.

By providing our customers in China with leading GPU and AI technology, NVIDIA is committed to growing our support of China’s leading innovative technology companies as they lead the technology industry in its digital transformation. At the same time, we are learning from China as we further improve our platform and best address the needs of our customers, partners and developers.

We partner with the most innovative Chinese businesses. Some of these include:

NIO, a leading Chinese premium smart electric vehicle maker, selected NVIDIA DRIVE Orin™ system-on-a-chip (SoC) for its new generation of electric vehicles. The Nvidia Orin processors will first be used to power the automaker’s ET7 sedan, which will start shipping in China in 2022. With this, NIO aims to redefine mobility and offer advanced automated driving features to daily commutes.

China’s leading cloud service providers, including Tencent Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Didi Cloud, have deployed the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU. Leading Chinese OEMs and other system builders, such as Inspur, Lenovo, H3C and Nettrix, are also leveraging the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU.

JD Logistics has powered the world’s first “autonomous logistics delivery city” with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier platform.

Alibaba’s Taobao achieved record-breaking sales during the 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. This was achieved through accelerated live streaming and AI recommendation systems powered by an NVIDIA GPU computing platform.

Tencent Cloud works with the NVIDIA CloudXR platform to accelerate the popularization and application of VR/AR and to provide users with high-quality immersive visual experiences anytime and anywhere.

EcoPlants, a member of NVIDIA Inception which focuses on bringing real-world experience into the virtual world in an innovative way by offering high-quality real 3D models and materials, is adopting and applying NVIDIA Omniverse open beta across the company to improve efficiency and reduce rendering time from hours to seconds.

NVIDIA’s AI and GPU technology has been used to support key containment, prevention, and treatment in China’s COVID-19 response. Our partners in the healthcare industry, academia and the start-up community have harvested every piece of technology to really fight the pandemic.

NVIDIA Clara imaging computational platform enables industry leaders such as Ping An and United Imaging, as well as start-ups such as InferVision and Shukun, to put their medical imaging COVID-19 AI technology into thousands of hospitals across China, providing AI technology to front-line health workers at fingertips.

With the NVIDIA Clara discovery platform, researchers at Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University used cryo electron microscopes, which can generate terabytes of data in a day, to create and put into a public database a complete molecular architecture of the Coronavirus.

Together, NVIDIA and Arm will deliver an unprecedented opportunity to grow the Arm ecosystem for the AI era, helping computing industries grow, innovate, and compete worldwide, regardless of origin.