Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this transaction?

AI is the most powerful technology force of our time, and it is poised to benefit society in innumerable ways.

By bringing NVIDIA’s leading expertise in AI to Arm’s broad base of licensees, we will create the premier computing company for the age of AI, unlocking its myriad benefits and bringing new technologies, tools and opportunities to our customers.

Challenging the dominance of x86 will allow for greater innovation, more consumer choice, and an enhanced tech ecosystem.

Arm partners will benefit from both companies’ offerings, including NVIDIA’s numerous innovations.

How will this transaction contribute to the tech ecosystem?

Combining Arm’s and NVIDIA’s expertise will help accelerate innovation and enable tech champions across a broad range of industries.

Our aim is to grow the Arm ecosystem by significantly increasing investment in the R&D behind it, using the open licensing model to expand Arm’s addressable market.

Developing Arm’s server offering will help many different suppliers develop and offer their own processors, boosting competition in this sector

How does this transaction promote competition?

NVIDIA and Arm will accelerate innovation and introduce more choice for Arm’s customer base.

Almost all AI-driven technology exists in large datacenters, which x86 dominates today. Developing Arm’s server offering will help a wide range of suppliers develop and offer their own processors, boosting competition.

NVIDIA is the ideal partner to enable Arm to compete in the new era of AI—providing the expertise and technology that Arm needs to build the necessary ecosystem in PC and datacenter.

Will NVIDIA preserve the openness of Arm’s business model?

Yes, NVIDIA will maintain Arm’s practice of licensing any and all of arm’s current and future products, without reservation, to any customers in any industry all over the world. It will also grow Arm’s product portfolio by adding NVIDIA’s IP, creating a broader offering to all customers.

Arm supplies general-purpose CPU IP, designed to benefit entire industries, and not disadvantage any competitor in a market or segment.

The transaction’s objective is to grow the Arm ecosystem. NVIDIA won’t succeed unless Arm licensees thrive. NVIDIA will use every tool at its disposal to ensure that customers in every market can trust in Arm.

Will customers globally have access to products from NVIDIA and Arm?

Yes, we’ll continue to provide licensees globally access to Arm’s technology. Customer confidence and commitment to Arm is a priority for NVIDIA.

As licensees increasingly learn about the deal, we’re confident they will come to see its benefits.

How will Arm and NVIDIA successfully integrate?

Arm’s management team is excited to join NVIDIA and understands that, together, we’ll build one of the world’s great companies.

Arm and NVIDIA are complementary. We do very different things, and the products we build are different. The markets we serve are different. The business models are different. We are excited to continue doing what we do best as a combined company.

The integration process will begin once the deal is closed.

Will Arm jobs and existing partnerships with research centers and others be preserved?

We see tremendous opportunity and have every intention of growth and continued investment.

We’re infusing a tremendous amount of IP and R&D in AI, data centers, and PC. This infusion of R&D and IP would be jobs-positive. If we succeed at developing the ecosystem, that will lead to high-quality jobs in the local regions.

NVIDIA is committed to creating a new world-class AI research center in Cambridge.