Driving Competition and Innovation for the AI Era

By bringing together the leading AI computing company with a world-class CPU IP supplier, the combined company will drive innovation and launch a new wave of computing around the world.

Today, we are on the brink of a new computing era, one driven by AI and defined by vast computational demands.

Arm has been immensely successful in the mobile era, with its CPU architecture powering the vast majority of mobile devices in the world, thanks to its power-efficient, general-purpose IP for CPUs.

But Arm has barely scratched the surface of what’s possible in datacenters and high-performance computing, which are critical to the future of AI. Those markets have long been dominated by the x86 CPU architecture.

Today there are two main types of CPU architectures:

Currently, x86 enjoys a near monopoly on the servers that power AI

The dominance of x86 in the datacenter space has led to:

Slower pace of innovation, limiting the potential of the entire industry
Lack of price competition
Constrained ecosystem for Arm and the opportunities available to all its licensees

Every technology platform needs a thriving ecosystem to be viable in the long term

There is significant demand for an Arm-based datacenter ecosystem. Over the past decade, several companies have developed general-purpose Arm-based datacenter CPUs, intending to compete with x86. But they haven’t succeeded in gaining traction or spurring a broad Arm ecosystem.

That’s because developing an ecosystem that will thrive in today’s world marked by the enormous processing challenges of AI is a massive task. To create a datacenter alternative to x86 for the AI era, the industry needs a vibrant alternative ecosystem for PC and datacenters, with world-class peripherals, system designs, software tools, libraries, and development kits.

NVIDIA is the ideal partner to provide the expertise and technology that Arm needs to develop its ecosystem and compete in the AI era.

Over the past decade, NVIDIA’s technologies spurred dramatic growth in x86 datacenters worldwide. NVIDIA will bring that expertise and those tools to Arm, helping Arm licensees create an AI-enabled ecosystem to rival the dominant x86 CPU architecture:

Premier peripheral technology that powers AI
System-building expertise and track record
Software expertise and engineering resources to spur an installed base of applications

Together, NVIDIA and Arm will spur the development of a leading ecosystem for the age of AI that will challenge the dominance of x86 and provide opportunities to all of Arm’s licensees.