Creating the premier computing company for the age of AI

Uniting the world leader in AI with Arm’s vast ecosystem to drive innovation and launch a new wave of computing around the world.

Driving the future of AI

AI is the most powerful technology force of our time. In the future, trillions of computers running AI will create a new internet-of-things all over the world – from smart retail, to manufacturing and service robots, to self-driving cars and smart cities – reinventing computing as we know it.

With its proposed acquisition of Arm, NVIDIA will be able to turn new AI possibilities into realities much faster. Together, we will be able to:

Expand AI computing globally:

With Arm’s broad customer base, NVIDIA can bring its GPU and AI technologies to a wide range of end markets, including mobile and the Internet of Things. In PCs and datacenters, NVIDIA will grow and expand the Arm platform, turbocharging the development of the Arm ecosystem as a thriving alternative to x86.

Accelerate Arm’s opportunities in all markets:

We will enhance R&D across Arm’s three main markets — mobile, PC/datacenter, and edge and IoT. With this transaction, the combined company will make world-class CPUs available to all Arm licensees, enabling them to compete and rival with the greatest proprietary technologies.

Strengthen our ability to innovate:

We can innovate across all three major processors — CPU, DPU and GPU, and offer an alternative CPU architecture to x86.

Optimize energy efficiency:

Arm has led the mobile computing revolution thanks to its world-class, power-efficient, general-purpose CPUs. NVIDIA’s accelerated data centers, which have consistently smaller carbon footprints than traditional data centers, are demonstrating that the AI revolution can be done in concert with ambitious carbon reduction targets. Together we’re committed to further optimizing energy efficiency for the future.

“We are buying Arm because we want to advance computing further. The future of computing is going to move further from the cloud to the edge. That is what Arm is fantastic at. Where we are fantastic is AI. So, imagine the possibilities in putting AI at the edge.”

Jensen Huang
Founder and CEO of NVIDIA

In conversation with industry analyst Pat Moorhead at The Six Five Summit, Arm CEO Simon Segars and NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang discuss the future of AI and why combining their companies will make this force more accessible – from the smallest customers to computing giants. They discuss the need for more competition in the PC and data center markets, and address key questions about the transaction – regulation, export controls, and what it means for the U.K.’s tech industry. On the deal’s benefits to customers, Segars says, “Through the combination with NVIDIA, we’re going to have a lot more resources to bear in creating an even richer portfolio of IP, and there’s no way that we can do that on our own.”

The above video includes highlights from the discussion. The full video is available here.

Creating new opport­unities for customers, partners and developers

NVIDIA’s vision is to give customers and the market as many opportunities to innovate as possible. The proposed transaction will bring about more choices, solutions and opportunities to our customers and partners than ever before.

New and improved solutions:

NVIDIA will increase investment in Arm’s existing roadmaps for customers, partners and developers, and propel Arm’s R&D to stimulate growth in new markets.

Greater choice and access:

The combined company will provide greater choice to the datacenter industry by creating a compelling alternative CPU architecture to x86. Arm partners will also benefit from access to NVIDIA’s innovations.

An open model:

NVIDIA will maintain Arm’s practice of licensing any and all of Arm’s current and future products, without reservation, to any customers in any industry all over the world. The transaction will grow Arm’s product portfolio by adding NVIDIA’s IP, creating a broader offering to all customers.

Increased developer reach:

The combination will expand NVIDIA’s reach from 2 million developers to over 15 million. Growing the Arm ecosystem and enabling it to become a viable alternative to x86 will open new opportunities to all Arm developers.

“This is a deal that’s about expanding. It’s about creating new and more technology and putting it in the hands of people who are going to build incredible things with it. It will enable more people to do more things.”

Simon Segars
CEO of Arm

What Arm Customers Are Saying


“Arm is a key partner to Broadcom, and access to its technology is important to our current and future success. Broadcom supports NVIDIA’s proposed acquisition of Arm because NVIDIA has assured the industry that it will increase the overall investment in Arm’s technology and that it will continue to make that technology available to the industry on a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory basis.” — Hock Tan, President & Chief Executive Officer


“The semiconductor industry will benefit from the combination of NVIDIA and Arm. The combined open platform will enhance and accelerate delivery of critical computing technologies, including CPU, GPU and AI. We believe that the merger will enable MediaTek and other industry participants to bring more competitive and comprehensive products to the market place.” — Rick Tsai, Chief Executive Officer


“NVIDIA has outlined commitments to the Arm ecosystem that address Marvell’s concerns over the proposed transaction. NVIDIA and Marvell have a strong existing partnership in Automotive and HPC applications, and Marvell has a long standing relationship with Arm – as one of the leading licensees of their processor technology which is used in support of the world’s most important data infrastructure applications across 5G, Cloud, Enterprise, and Automotive. We see several benefits from a combination with NVIDIA, including an acceleration of roadmaps for high-end CPU cores and the enablement of broader adoption of Arm-based designs in the industry. With the implementation of robust licensing policies that ensure equal and timely access and fair terms, Marvell is supportive of the transaction.” — Matt Murphy, President & Chief Executive Officer

Investing in Arm

Invest in talent:

Arm has amazing talent, and NVIDIA plans to build on that to support continued growth of the business.

Invest in R&D:

NVIDIA will continue to invest in and expand Arm’s R&D by retaining and attracting great researchers and computer scientists.

Support customers around the world:

The combined company will continue to support all of Arm’s customers, making Arm technology available to the whole marketplace, and bringing them more technology options, even faster.

Commitment to Cambridge and the UK:

Arm will retain its name and strong brand identity and remain based in Cambridge. Arm’s IP will remain registered in the UK. NVIDIA will also build a state-of-the-art AI research center in Cambridge which will house one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers.

Together, NVIDIA and Arm will help the world realize the transformative benefits of AI.

AI is the most powerful technology force of our time, allowing computers to write software no humans can and to compute continuously.

Computers can recognize patterns, analyze data and make predictions at incredible scale and speed. AI enhances computers’ ability to do so by writing software no humans can, and through continuous compute. The benefits of AI for mankind and human advancement are immense.

Understanding disease and discovering therapies:

AI and accelerated computing are enabling scientists to take advantage of the boom in biomedical data to power faster research breakthroughs and deliver better patient care. Accelerated computing and AI are supercharging the next generation of medical devices and biomedical research. AI and HPC enable us to better track, test, and search for COVID-19 treatments, drive down drug discovery costs, and improve the accessibility of medical devices.

Supporting our most vulnerable aging and sick populations:

Smart speakers and smart cameras help automate and inform activities, whether at hospitals or at nursing homes. AI-based technology can help scale the work of frontline healthcare workers and providers and improve care for an aging population.

Combatting climate change for a better planet:

AI is making great strides to deliver environmental benefits to society—from preventing deforestation to cleaning up our oceans, rivers, and waterways to enabling more efficient, accurate trash and recycling recognition. Technology aids our understanding of ecosystems and climate patterns, preserving plants and animals, and managing waste.

NVIDIA has spent more than a decade tapping the potential of AI. We’re now at the next frontier of embedding and harnessing AI in the world around us. Together, NVIDIA and Arm will lead the computing industry into the age of AI.

You can find out more about our vision for NVIDIA in the UK here.

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